Friday, September 3, 2010

Aruba Steps List

Aruba Given-When-Then
(For my own reference)

Finally found somewhere else:

Given /^I am using rvm "([^"]*)"$/

Given /^I am using( an empty)? rvm gemset "([^"]*)"$/

Given /^I am using rvm gemset "([^"]*)" with Gemfile:$/
Given /^a directory named "([^"]*)"$/
Given /^a file named "([^"]*)" with:$/
Given /^an empty file named "([^"]*)"$/

When /^I write to "([^"]*)" with:$/
When /^I append to "([^"]*)" with:$/
When /^I cd to "([^"]*)"$/
When /^I run "(.*)"$/
When /^I successfully run "(.*)"$/

Then /^the output should contain "([^"]*)"$/

Then /^the output should not contain "([^"]*)"$/
Then /^the output should contain:$/
Then /^the output should not contain:$/
Then /^the output should contain exactly "([^"]*)"$/
Then /^the output should contain exactly:$/

# "the output should match" allows regex in the partial_output, if
# you don't need regex, use "the output should contain" instead since
# that way, you don't have to escape regex characters that
# appear naturally in the output
Then /^the output should match \/([^\/]*)\/$/
Then /^the output should match:$/
Then /^the exit status should be (\d+)$/

Then /^the exit status should not be (\d+)$/
Then /^it should (pass fail) with:$/
Then /^the stderr should contain "([^"]*)"$/
Then /^the stdout should contain "([^"]*)"$/
Then /^the stderr should not contain "([^"]*)"$/
Then /^the stdout should not contain "([^"]*)"$/
Then /^the following files should exist:$/
Then /^the following files should not exist:$/
Then /^the following directories should exist:$/
Then /^the following directories should not exist:$/
Then /^the file "([^"]*)" should contain "([^"]*)"$/
Then /^the file "([^"]*)" should not contain "([^"]*)"$/

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